"How Do I Get Started?"

How do I get started?”     

It’s one of the first questions new clients ask us. If you’re a beginner, just getting into working out, it can be intimidating and overwhelming. What type of diet and workouts should I be following? Which supplements should I use? To find the answers, most of us go online.  It can quickly become a trip down the rabbit hole.
Not only is the supply of information online endless, most of it isn’t helpful. Some is downright nonsensical.
Step #1: Subscribe to No Nonsense Magazine. (It’s free.)
That’s why we tell new clients to make things easier on yourself. Avoid the rabbit hole by subscribing to No Nonsense Magazine (NNM).
Since 1967, Beverly has talked with its clients about what how they eat, workout and use Beverly products to transform their body. We curate the best of this information in every issue of NNM.
NNM is more helpful than Instagram. You can hold each glossy issue in your hands. And it has real stories complete with (unfiltered!) photos of men and women, young and old, who are using Beverly products and getting realistically attainable results. They’re getting leaner, fitter, sexier, shapelier, more muscular and more confident.
The clients in NNM are not paid by Beverly. They share their stories on their own accord. They’re grandmas, truck drivers, teachers, single parents, students and people holding multiple jobs. In NNM, they describe in detail how they eat and workout, which Beverly products they use, and how they use them.
Replace intimidation with inspiration.
Not only is NNM a great tool for getting started with Beverly, but it also keeps you inspired for years to come. Nobody -well, almost nobody- wants to eat the same foods or work out the same way forever. NNM is the antidote to bodybuilding and boredom. As one client told us, “Seeing people using Beverly products and getting results inspires me and helps me avoid boredom. I keep my issues of NNM in my home gym. Whenever my workouts start to feel stale, I open them up and get ideas. I also share it with friends. Once they start reading it, they’re inspired to try the products and get started working out. And once they try the products, they’re hooked. They say Beverly is the best after having tried others.”
Step #2: Read our catalog.
When you subscribe to NNM, you also get our product catalog. When most people hear “catalog,” they think “products and prices” -essentially, a selling device. Ours is more like a guide that you can refer to over and over. It tells you what each product does (the benefits) and provides time-tested tips for how to use them for maximum results. Clients are often surprised how many products we offer. If you thought Beverly was only known for its protein powders, think again.
Step #3: Take a look at our supplement plan charts.
Subscribing to NNM also gets you our supplement plan charts. There’s a combination of Beverly products suited for every goal, budget and experience level. Our plan charts lay out the most popular and effective of them. It’s just another way to make getting started easier.
Step #4
Okay, let’s say you’ve subscribed to NNM, but you want to get your feet wet with a couple of products right away.
Ladies, do this.
Women usually tell us that they want to lose fat and tone up their muscles. The easiest way to get started doing this is by choosing one of our popular fat-loss aids like 7-Keto Musclean. Combine this with one of our delicious protein supplements, like UMP, and you’re ready to rock.
As 7-Keto Musclean helps you burn off fat, UMP helps you build and tone muscle. Take UMP after you lift weights to help replenish your muscles. It has almost no fat and just the right amount of calories -almost all from protein. It’s versatile -you can use it for shakes, breakfast, baking, snacks. It’s an ultra-convenient way to get started on a healthier diet.
Men, do this.
Men usually tell us that they want to build lean muscle. Here’s a no-brainer for doing precisely that: Grab one of our muscle-building ads like Creatine Select. Combine this with a protein like UMP or, if you’re a bit of hard gainer or over 40, Provosyn. Now hit the weights.
Creatine Select will give you the “instant gratification” you’re looking for: You can expect gains in muscle size and strength after only a couple of weeks of using it. And daily use of a protein like UMP or Provosyn will accelerate your lean gains even further.
Step #5: Last but not least…
While you’re having fun transforming your body, remember why you chose Beverly in the first place: It’s the real thing.
For Beverly, honesty isn’t a marketing gimmick. It’s how we make our products and educate clients on how to get maximum results with them.
We’ve never been involved in a scandal. We don’t have any skeletons in the closet. We’re the brand you can trust enough to recommend with your friends, knowing you’re helping them out.