The Antidote to Bloat.

MEC is a broad-spectrum formula designed to help alleviate normal digestion-related discomfort by assisting in the breakdown of the protein, carbs, and fat in food. Who can benefit from it? Dr. Elizabeth Lipski, PhD (clinical nutrition), author of Digestive Wellness, says: "If someone tells me they consistently feel bloated or gassy 2-4 hours after eating, or that food feels like it just "sits there" hours after a meal, I've found that support from digestive enzymes in these cases can make a real difference." Consistent with Dr. Lipski's findings, clients regularly tell us that MEC makes digestion easier and more comfortable and allows them to enjoy a broader variety of foods in their diet.

Size: 100 tablets (100 servings)

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Why people like it
  • Broad-spectrum, fast-acting: With its broad array of enzymes, MEC helps your body break down the protein, carbs, and fat in food from multiple angles, simultaneously. This results in faster relief. Indeed, clients regularly report that MEC quickly alleviates normal digestion-related issues, including occasional bloating, gas, sour stomach, and fullness.
  • Improves food tolerance: MEC users often find that they can enjoy a wider range of foods.

Secrets to Success
  • Take 1-3 tablets with each meal, including protein shakes.
  • Dr. Lipski has found that the combination of digestive enzymes with probiotics helps alleviate symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Many of her patients report a significant improvement in the first week of treatment. She provides the following tips to help alleviate IBS:
    • Increase fiber intake.
    • Drink at least 6-8 glasses of water daily.
    • Take digestive enzymes with each meal.
    • Take probiotics twice daily.
    • Take digestive enzymes once daily on an empty stomach to help clean out bacteria and other unwanted material.

Who is this product ideal for?
  • Anyone who experiences normal digestion-related discomfort, such as gas, bloating, or fullness.
  • Athletes who consume high-calorie or high-protein diets.
  • Hard gainers who have difficulty eating enough food to gain muscle often find that MEC is the missing link to jumpstarting their bodybuilding progress.

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Immediate difference

I purchased this supplement for my boyfriend who is always complaining of bloating. The very first dose he took resolved nearly all his symptoms. I've been a long time user of Beverly products because they are just THAT GOOD!
Posted by Stacey, Jun 15th 2021

So far so good!

I gave this five stars because I believe ALLL of Beverly has five star products. I just started using the digestive enzymes for extra help digesting my main meals. I'm not really sure if it is doing anything just yet. I do feel less bloated when eating cruciferous vegetables, so I guess it is helping with that so far. I'm also older and have IBS. I'm counting on these to help with more nutrient absorption.
Posted by kelly tull, Mar 13th 2021


This is one of my Go-To products. If you've ever had that steak meal and 30 min later you want to pass-out? Well, this will do a lot of the digestive work for you. I usually take two when I have meat, one for a big veggie meal. I even sometimes take one before bed just to give the body a head start on the overnight cleaning process. They work every time and small enough to just put in your pocket if you're heading out with friends.
Posted by Michael, Dec 26th 2020

enzyme product

doing good so far
Posted by James Clines, Dec 18th 2020

Multiple Enzyme Complex

These are practically essential. I take a minimum of 6 daily, which lasts a month. I also added fiber twice daily and my digestion and honestly the size of my waist are as good as ever.
Posted by Denton Rimer, Oct 22nd 2020

No more bloating!

This multiple enzyme complex has really helped me reduce the bloating! I drink UMP and Muscle Provider during the day as well as keeping the remaining meals clean but found I had bloating after some meals. I started taking this last week and it's working great! Thanks!
Posted by Marla Hudson, Jul 27th 2020

Enzyme Complex

These work for sure, which is no surprise to me, somehow I seemed to add muscle mass when I use these even at almost 63 years of age.
Posted by naturalbajan, May 7th 2020


By far the best enzyme product I have ever introduced into my diet. I take one after every meal and the results are obvious. You are not what you eat. You are what you digest :)
Posted by Michael Macchiarella , Jul 5th 2019


Products have been a beneficial part of my normal diet for the past 20+yrs. I can't even thinking about trying new or other products. Thanks for past 20+ years.
Posted by VINCENT QUINONES, Sep 20th 2018