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PEAK ATP® Train Stronger – Reps, Sets, Focus

PEAK ATP® is a non-stimulant energy source that fuels our muscles and powers the body’s movements. PEAK ATP® allows athletes to train stronger to maximize their workouts, reduce fatigue, and achieve greater results.

Size: 30 capsules (30 servings)

Increases Total Strength* - An athlete will lift more weight and perform more repetitions per set with oral supplementation of PEAK ATP® versus placebo.

Boosts Muscular Power Output* - Muscular power output refers to the ability to activate muscles, thereby causing them to contract. The greater the contractibility of the muscle, the greater its force, velocity, and endurance properties will be.

Increases Power - PEAK ATP® causes significant increases in vertical jump power versus placebo.

Reduces Muscular Fatigue - PEAK ATP® improves muscular endurance, providing more benefits as more repetitions and sets are performed. Vasodilation and blood flow were higher following ATP supplementation, which would drive recovery processes.

Increases Lean Body Mass - PEAK ATP® significantly increases lean body mass and muscle thickness over placebo.

Health Aging: Supports heart health - ATP has been shown to support vascular health in clinical studies, in young and old adults, and in healthy and overweight individuals.

Supports brain health - The brain uses more energy than any other organ—up to 20% of the body’s energy consumption. Optimizing ATP is crucial for maximizing cognitive performance and signals involved in sleep, memory, learning, and movement.

Reduces Mental Fatigue and Improves Cognitive Performance - Exercise can create a feeling of mental fatigue by eliciting deficits in attention and processing speed. PEAK ATP® helps mitigate deficits in several cognitive tasks following exercise.

Improves Reaction Time - PEAK ATP® prevents the decline in proactive visuomotor reaction time following all-out high-intensity exercise.

Improves Focus and Mental Speed - PEAK ATP® decreases the number of errors during a reactive visuomotor task with cognitive stressor before and after all-out high-intensity exercise.
Clinical evidence for each benefit listed above can be found at

Why people like it
Athletes of all kinds are always looking for something to give them a competitive edge — whether for increasing power, strength, and muscle mass, reducing fatigue, or improving recovery. PEAK ATP® does it all.

Increasingly, everyday people trying to stay in shape are looking for supplements that can help them reap the most reward with the least effort. Because PEAK ATP® increases the work volume of a workout, it can help even the casual athlete or weekend warrior make the most of time spent exercising.

Who is PEAK ATP® ideal for
Active Nutrition, Competitive Athletes, but also Healthy Aging Athletes of all kinds are always looking for something to give them a competitive edge — whether for increasing power, strength, and muscle mass, reducing fatigue, or improving recovery. PEAK ATP® does it all.

PEAK ATP® is acceptable for use in sports and is not banned by any athletic body.

Secrets to Success
Take one 450mg capsule of PEAK ATP® ~ 30 to 60 minutes before exercise as a “pre-workout.”

On non-training days, it is recommended to consume 450 mg ~ 20 to 30 minutes before breakfast.




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  • Peak atp gives me energy!

    This product does what it says. I have felt more energy and have been able to achieve more prs with this addition. No negeTives. Get it!

    Posted by Christine merkel on May 6th 2024

  • Peak ATP

    Peak atp works great, after about three days of taking it I really noticed a difference. I am 65 years old and this really helped me recover as well as I felt stronger during lifts.

    Posted by Phillip Johnston on Apr 26th 2024

  • Peak

    I can reall feel the added energy mental and ph

    Posted by willie on Mar 23rd 2024

  • PEAK for the Win!`

    Thanks for this amazing product that provides me with the the energy to sustain an intense workout but also to get me through my day. Took a chance but then with Beverly products there is never a chance...there is just why didn't I take this sooner. I notice my workouts are not easier but I am not as whipped at the end and my recovery has been amazing. Can't wait to see what else happens as I finish the next half of the bottle. I think I have found a wonderful new addition to my training routine.

    Posted by Shelley W on Dec 23rd 2023