Head-to-toe physique and performance enhancement.

Distinguished by four types of carnitine, Quadracarn (pronounced "kwa-dra-carn") became a hit soon after its release, particularly with men 35 years of age and older. Regular users of this product report that it provides 'head-to-toe' benefits including improvements in energy, mood, cognitive performance, sexual health, testosterone, vascularity, pumps, muscle hardness, stamina, recovery, and more.

Size: 120 tablets (40 servings)

  • Performance
  • Recovery
  • Muscle Building & Preservation: Quadracarn promotes muscle building and recovery in part by enhancing the effects of testosterone.
  • Fat Loss: During Beverly's own beta tests, men and women reported that they were able to gain muscle and get leaner at the same time while taking Quadracarn on a fat-loss diet.
  • Wellness

Why people like it
  • Wide range of benefits: Users tell us that Quadracarn enhances sex, testosterone, energy, mood, cognition, pumps, vascularity, fat loss, definition and more.
  • Unique formula: It contains 4 types of carnitine, plus Gymnema sylvestre leaf , to support healthy glucose (blood sugar) metabolism.

Who is this product ideal for?
  • Though Quadracarn is especially popular with men 35 years of age and older, it can be used by men and women of all ages and fitness backgrounds.

Secrets to Success
  • Take 3 tablets, 3 times daily on workout days. On rest days, take 3 tablets, 2 times daily.
  • Carnitine accumulates in your tissues relatively slowly. It is important to not miss a dose. You will be rewarded for your patience!
  • During periods of heavy training (e.g. twice-a-day workouts), athletes may wish to stack Quadracarn with ZMA 2000 to promote recovery.

Ironclad Guarantee: Each form of carnitine is treated differently by your body and may produce different results. By combining several of them into one formula - Quadracarn - you can enjoy a greater range of benefits - more strength, more muscle, better recovery and less fat. Experience Quadracarn first-hand. We guarantee that you'll never want to be without it again. You can even take a full 60 day supply, and if you don't agree, we'll give you your money back.

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Get the approval of your medical doctor before using if you have a medical condition or a medical history, if you are unaware of your current health status, or if you are pregnant, nursing or trying to become pregnant.: .


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All product that I recently bought

The 5 products I usually order from you are great! They work and react very with my body during my workout regiment Wish I could receive %33 percent off every time I order these 5 products. I would order them twice a month! Been using your products for many years and I love the response I get from my workouts while taking your product.
Posted by Donald nadratowski , Jul 10th 2022

Quadracarn: surprisingly effective

At first I was hesitant to take Quadracarn, because I was concerned with the artificial replacement/increase of a natural hormone in my biochemical make-up. But since I have been taking the recommended dose daily (3 x 3), I have noticed a significant increase in energy and physical drive. From the standpoint of a mature athlete, this is a possibly the most important part of my training. It has become much easier to persevere and stick to a routine and a discipline. Thank you Beverly!
Posted by Helene, May 27th 2022

Product review

Great product noticed good results with body definition after work outs. I am 62 yrs young. Still body builder.
Posted by Paul Burke, Apr 14th 2022

This stuff works

Best products i have used cann feel the difference on my power output definitely keep using it.
Posted by Jose Diaz, Mar 28th 2022


Amazing quality product, highly recommended
Posted by Kat Viger, Mar 15th 2022


A must have supplement for anyone wanting to achieve a lean muscular physique. It’s 100% quality and effective to gain lean mass while cutting fat at the same time.
Posted by Ashley Robertson , Jan 17th 2022


Quadracarn is a great product that allows you to gain strength and muscle density.
Posted by Ron Denmon, Dec 13th 2021


Super product stacked with Muscle Synergy. I CrossFit and use this stack and love it. I wish we had an unflavored powder to mix them together though. Awesome product!
Posted by Dustin Capobianco, Dec 9th 2021


I'm 49 years old and started lifting heavy again after a few years of being a runner. I have used L-Carnitine in the past but this blend is remarkable. My strength is gaining everytime I go to the gym. The pumps are incredible. I'm starting to feel like I did when I was 34 and at my strongest. I would rate this as a must have after UMP and Density. I haven't even started creatine and glutamine yet. The combination should give drug like effects.
Posted by Kevin Anderson, Nov 27th 2021