3 BIG SECRETS that the supplement industry doesn’t like to talk about.

      Here are 3 Big Secrets we really want to share with you. It’s very common for people to say they’ve never heard of Beverly International even though we’ve been in the industry for almost 52 years.  
     Your friends and family also would also like to hear from you - Which supplement Brand do you feel is best? - because your word and personal supplement stack speak volumes. It’s also not uncommon for us, as individuals who know a little bit about the industry, to need a little reconfirmation from time to time.
     So, read on and when you reach the end… digest these secrets, and use these points when asked about BEVERLY. It’s simple and straight forward. Just like the brand.

SECRET #1: Most customers aren’t loyal.
     That’s an understatement. Most customers try one, maybe two, products, offered by a brand for a few months. Then they leave in search of greener pastures, never to return.

     Yes, despite all the positive Amazon reviews, social media followers and “ambassadors” many supplement brands have,
practically all of them struggle to keep customers more than a few months.
     Now ask yourself this. If you were looking for a bank to hold your money, would you prefer one with extremely loyal customers -say, customers who stay with it for many years or even decades- or a bank that suffers from low customer loyalty and is constantly trying to find new ones?

     Wouldn’t you have the same preference when it comes to choosing a supplement brand?

SECRET #2: Beverly customers are extremely loyal. 
Some stats:
   - The average Beverly customer purchases our products 7 times a year.
   - Nearly 80% of our customers are still buying Beverly products after 6 years.
   - Fifty percent of our customers are still buying after 11 years.

   - Many customers have been with us for decades.
   - Our rate of product returns is practically zero –
less than 0.1

SECRET #3: We keep our customers because we try to.
     Other supplement brands act like they are constantly trying to gain customers, but keep them? Not so much.
Sure, they may come up with clever ways of getting positive Amazon reviews, gaining social media followers and signing up “ambassadors.” (You probably know the reason we put quotes around “ambassadors.”)
     They keep coming out with new products (mainly to hop on the latest fad) and getting rid of old ones (even when they’re not old at all).
They seem to check off all the boxes, except the 3 that matter most to customers:
   X- Create products that work.
   X- Teach your customers how to use them so they can get satisfying results over and over again.
   X- Don’t try to sell them something “new and better” when they really don’t need it.

Beverly keeps its customers longer than any other brand because we check off all 3 of the above boxes, and more. 
    1.  We create products that work for everybody, based on lessons learned from the “Golden Era” of bodybuilding (when Beverly was founded) all the way to the present day.   
    2.  We relentlessly teach our customers how to use our products for maximum results, using our customer service team (see below), our free magazine (No Nonsense), our Supplement Plans, our online recipe collection, and much more.
    3.  Finally, we never try to sell you products you don’t need, whether by hopping on the latest fad, or changing our formulas just to make them look “new and better.” Remember, good supplement formulas never grow old!