Beverly’s ‘Muscle Mass’ Is the Bodybuilder's Muscular Insurance Policy

Jan 18th 2024

Beverly’s ‘Muscle Mass’ Is the Bodybuilder's Muscular Insurance Policy

If you don’t have those (BCAA’s) available in your blood, then your body goes looking for them and will break down your muscle to get the aminos it craves. You don’t want that! What you want is Muscle Mass!

Simply taking Beverly’s Muscle Mass BCAA formula before, during and after your workout, (the "windows of opportunity") will positively influence protein synthesis while it reduces your fat levels, while adding lean mass.When consumed during training they raise your levels of growth hormone and insulin simultaneously, consequently increasing anti-catabolism and anabolism.

Which Of These Methods Of Taking Muscle Mass Is Best For You Now?

  1. General Training - To create a favorable nitrogen and hormonal environment for growth and recovery: Take 5 Muscle Mass tablets with your pre exercise meal and 5 additional Muscle Mass tablets with your post exercise meal.
  2. For Lean Muscle Mass Gains With Concurrent Fat Loss - Successful research studies have concluded that a dosage of 0.2g BCAAs per kilogram of bodyweight is effective for positive effects on lean muscle gain, strength and fat loss. That translates to about one Muscle Mass tablet per 10 lbs bodyweight.
  3. Take Beverly's Muscle Mass Branched Chain Amino Acid formula during your training as a super-effective method for keeping the lean muscle tissue you have, and helping you to build more. In fact, it’s the most effective formula you will ever find. (If you weigh 180 lbs, you would take eighteen Muscle Mass tablets during your workout – about three every ten minutes.)
  4. If fat loss is your primary goal take the entire dose on an empty stomach 10 minutes before you start to train.