Do your muscles get sore after workouts?

Jun 1st 2023

Do your muscles get sore after workouts?

Glutamine Select

Ideal consumer or application:

  • Anyone who experiences occasional muscle soreness following especially intense workouts.
  • Beginners and anyone who is getting accustomed to a new type of workout or training.
  • Athletes who perform high-frequency workouts (e.g. CrossFit, MMA, football, twice-a-days).
  • Prolonged or high-intensity cardio workouts.
  • Physique/figure athletes who are on a cutting or pre-contest diet.
  • Anyone on a low-carb diet.
  • Anyone looking for an alternative to a protein powder to boost recovery and promote lean muscle development.

Unique features: Clinically based formula: Glutamine Select contains the same doses of glutamine and BCAAs shown to increase muscle size and strength gains from resistance exercise in a clinical study.

Why it’s better:

  • Same doses of glutamine and BCAAs used in clinical study.
  • Quickens recovery time and helps prevent muscle soreness.
  • Supports endurance, stamina, and hydration.

Bonus benefits: Satisfies sugar cravings, particularly when dieting.

Tip: Sip it during spinning class to keep your stamina and hydration up.