IT’S A HARD GAINER’S DELIGHT: If traditional whey or other protein powders just don’t pack muscle on your bones fast enough, PROVOSYN is the antidote. Have you tried other types of proteins with no success? Then Provosyn was designed just for you. This unique- old school blend of Grass-fed Beef protein, Milk and Whole Egg will master the trick. It’s an almost fail proof solution to the hard gainer’s dilemma. Start gaining NOW.

Contains WHOLE EGG (not just egg white, like some products), MILK as protein isolate-sodium caseinate (casein + whey) and BEEF PROTEIN to help you BUILD LEAN MUSCLE and RECOVER FASTER. Each protein is MADE IN THE USA.

Fans love that it is CREAMY DELICIOUS, high quality, KETO-FRIENDLY and FITS THEIR MACROS! * Secret to success stacking combo: Stack Provosyn with Multiple Enzyme Complex and Ultra 40 to maximize your muscle growth and overall gains. *

MIXES AND DIGESTS EASILY and WON’T MAKE YOU BLOATED. * Perfect for use POST-WORKOUT or as a MEAL REPLACEMENT. Mixes easily in water. Could be classified and a MATURE USERS Protein. Add Provosyn to your supplement regimen if you are 40 years of age or older and want extra protection from age-associated muscle loss.*