The Beverly International Brand Story

Nov 3rd 2022

The Beverly International Brand Story

The Beverly International Brand Story as told by: Roger and Sandy Riedinger 

Beverly was born in 1967. 

We worked as distributors for the original owners, Jim and Carole Heflin, for ten years before acquiring the company in 1998 and moving Beverly Headquarters from its native California birthplace to settle down in Northern Kentucky. 

We’ve worked closely with our clients and laboratories over the past 25 years to develop the perfect array of products. Although our product line is designed with the athletic and fitness community in mind, it also offers substantial health benefits. 

Beverly takes pride in having developed not only a brand that people trust but one that stands apart in the industry for anyone seeking superb taste and visible results. Beverly laboratories are state of the art and follow all FDA and GMP requirements and testing procedures. There are NO shortcuts or fake news with Beverly. 

Roger and Sandy, the owners, personally use BEVERLY products every single day. Beverly International may not be the most prominent brand out there, but without a doubt, it is truly a well-established brand with DEEP branching Roots. Our clients call Beverly “the Best Kept Secret in Bodybuilding.” 

Today, eight team members run the operation at our BEVERLY headquarters and are gearing up for our 25th-year anniversary in 2023!!!! That is a story to be told!!!!!