The Beverly International Fat Loss Stack: A 4-Product System for Dramatic Results

Jan 4th 2023

The Beverly International Fat Loss Stack: A 4-Product System for Dramatic Results

Make 2023 the year of your ideal physique!

It's winter as you read this. You can hide beneath your warm clothes for a while, but you know that the fat is still there. Why not finally do something about it?

Losing weight -body fat, specifically- is a number-one goal for many BI customers. Any of a number of different stacks can be used to do it. Here's one that is guaranteed to get you lean as quickly as possible, and stay this way year-round:

7-KETO MUSCLEAN: To burn more fat you must increase your metabolic rate. Exercise is the best way. You can also increase it by stimulating thermogenesis. This refers to the conversion of calories into heat, at which point they can no longer be stored as fat. 7 Keto-MuscLean is a potent thermogenic formula driven by 7-keto, a non-stimulant ingredient proven in clinical trials to accelerate weight loss and prevent the suppression of metabolic rate caused by dieting. Importantly, two servings of 7-KETO MUSCLEAN provide the same dose of 7-keto used in the clinical trials.

BI PROTEIN: Protein is the most thermogenic nutrient known. Thermogenesis is almost 300% higher after a high-protein vs. a high-fat meal. Protein is also the most satiating nutrient -particularly whey. Studies have reported that subjects are less hungry after eating whey as compared to turkey, eggs, or tuna. They also eat less at a subsequent meal. To further stimulate thermogenesis (not to mention muscle protein synthesis) and reduce your risk of overeating, replace a higher-calorie meal with a hunger-quenching, thermogenic Muscle Provider or Ultimate Muscle Protein shake once (ideally, twice) daily. This simple tactic is a powerful way to maximize meal satiety and encourage more rapid fat loss.

LEAN OUT: Often overlooked is the fact that fat must be transported to tissues like your liver and muscles in order for it to be burned. Maximize these two processes and you can experience dramatic results. Lean Out gives your body more of the nutrients it needs to perform the actual work involved in transporting fat and carrying out other metabolic functions. This makes it the perfect companion to 7-KETO MUSCLEAN: LEAN OUT moves the fat out of adipose tissue, while 7-KETO MUSCLEAN burns it off.

ANTIOXIDANT: Metabolism is a catch-22: You need it to survive, and yet it has "side effects", such as the generation of free radicals. Free radicals can damage your cells. For this reason they are routinely blamed as a cause of aging. While increasing your metabolism (e.g. as with exercise) is essential if you want to avoid getting fat, it is inevitable that free radicals will be generated as you do so. To protect your metabolism from harm and aging, complete your stack with BI's Advanced Antioxidant formula containing a synergistic array of clinically-studied free radical fighting compounds including vitamin C, vitamin E, alpha-lipoic acid, co-enzyme Q10 and more.