Ultimate Muscle Protein Frequently Asked Questions

Ultimate Muscle Protein Frequently Asked Questions

1. How should I use UMP? As a supplement to the diet, consumers principally use UMP to assist in the building or preservation of lean muscle mass while minimizing body fat. It can be mixed in a blender or shaker bottle with cold water or the beverage of your choice and consumed any time additional high-quality protein is needed. The consistency of UMP and its high content of milk protein isolate (MPI) render it especially well suited for use as a satisfying meal replacement in the morning or before bed.

2. Aren’t protein supplements like UMP only for hard-training athletes or bodybuilders? No. Male and female athletes and non-athletes of all ages can use UMP. In a review article on the use of protein supplements in the young and elderly, Phillips et al. state (1): “…even older persons in their 10th decade can gain muscle mass with appropriately formulated resistance exercise programs and nutritional support. Thus, we stress that despite declines in muscle mass with aging, even senescent muscle can respond to resistance exercise and nutrition, likely in a manner much closer to, rather than different from, younger muscle.”

3. I’m a 48-year-old woman. I just want to slim down and shape up whatever muscle I have. Can UMP help me?Yes. Protein supplementation can support lean muscle development in men and women alike, at all ages. Below are four testimonials from different women who use UMP. These testimonials were either received directly by BI or obtained from retailers of BI products:
“First of all, it tastes great. I am sensitive to everything I eat and Beverly is the only company I’ve ever found that made a protein supplement I could enjoy (instead of just “tolerate”). Every other company’s protein has given me [an upset] stomach and [made] me retain water. I felt leaner just days after starting UMP. I know adding UMP helped me retain muscle while dumping the fat! I had only dropped about 3-4 lbs, but a lot of people were noticing, saying stuff like, "did you lose 10lbs of fat or something?" …UMP gets me through the cravings. …I feel like I've had a meal after every shake.”“I’ve been using Muscle Provider chocolate for about 1 year and the taste is incredible. Recently I tried UMP cookies & crème for a change. The taste was amazing! I blended it with ice and a little bit of natural peanut butter and I actually felt like I was eating a peanut butter Oreo. For those of us who really love Oreos or are chocolate lovers this is a real treat.”“I love this protein. I have tried so many and can't tolerate any of them [with] just water. This one mixes [great] and when you [add ice] it gets creamy. The taste is good and goes down easy. Great supplement, very filling.”“This is the BEST protein powder I have had. I have tried over a dozen different brands and this one is by far the best tasting! It mixes perfectly EVERY time. I drink a shake every morning before taking my supplements and I am satisfied until my mid-morning meal. I usually mix with my Magic Bullet, but I don't have to at all. …Add milk and you've got pudding! A perfect, guilt-free snack!”

4. Is UMP easy on the stomach? Yes. The proteins in UMP are highly digestible and low in lactose. To date, BI has not received a single customer complaint related to lactose. We sell tens of thousands of units of UMP each year.

5. Does UMP mix easily?Yes. This is the result of careful formulation. BI’s lab wanted UMP to have 20 g of protein per scoop. Regulations state that a scoop full of product must be capable of mixing properly in 1 cup of water. The high density of MPI means that 20 g will not satisfy this requirement. (It would be too thick.) We therefore added small amounts of whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate (~5%, depending on the flavor) so that each scoop full of UMP mixes right away and achieves a desirable consistency. The whey proteins we selected for this purpose were of the highest quality and lowest lactose concentration available.

6. Muscle Provider looks similar to UMP. Which one is better? Muscle Provider (MP) and UMP are protein supplements. MP differs from UMP in that its principal protein source is whey protein hydrolysate. If you intend on using a protein supplement mainly immediately before and/or after resistance exercise, then MP may be your better choice because of the faster digestion profile of whey protein hydrolysate. The ingredient profile of UMP, on the other hand, renders it more suitable for use as a hunger-quenching meal replacement, particularly first thing in the morning, before bed, or at any other time when it may be several hours before a regular meal is consumed.
If your favorite flavor is vanilla and you intend on making lots of shakes, you may prefer the taste and creaminess of UMP. The “off” taste of whey protein hydrolysate is difficult to mask with vanilla flavor. This may be why some consumers prefer UMP vanilla to MP vanilla. On the other hand, many consumers tell us that MP is the best chocolate available!

7. I’ve heard of companies trying to cut down on costs by substituting lower-quality ingredients for higher-quality ones in their protein supplements. Have you ever done this with UMP? No. In recent years the prices of milk proteins have increased, causing some companies to reformulate with cheaper ingredients. BI has always refused to do this. Quality is our number-one concern.

8. Can I prepare UMP and store it in the fridge for later? Yes. BI’s lab estimates that UMP will retain its full potency for up to 6 hours when mixed with cold water or milk and refrigerated immediately. You can even put a protein shake made with UMP in the freezer overnight. The next day you can take it with you to the office, school, etc. Your shake will remain nice and cold for 3-4 hours as it unthaws.