Presenting... The anytime, real food, world-class taste, no-nonsense high protein bar.

It’s a delicious combination of Beverly’s “Ultimate Protein” blend (Milk Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Isolate, and Whey Protein Concentrate), almond butter, honey, and sea salt with all-natural gourmet ingredients.

Have a bar before or after workouts. Try one first thing in the morning to give yourself the nutritional edge. Have one between meals, before bed, or pre/post workout. There's no wrong time to eat an UMP Bar.

Here are the most recent customer reviews:

Tried a Million Bars and Gave Up Hope

Yes, it's a bold statement to say. But I have tried a million protein bars and gave up hope. This Protein bar is just amazing... the taste is incredible. The flavor is incredible, and I am excited and can not wait for more flavors.

Posted by Brandon Wagner, Apr 24th, 2022

Like a Clean Bit O' Honey

I had high expectations for a clean, good flavored bar with no aftertaste. UMP bar delivers. Not too sweet, just like a clean Bit O' Honey.

Reviewed by: Joe S.

A New Staple in My Daily Nutrition Plan

Really enjoy these super-soft easy-to-digest UMP protein bars. They have become a staple in my daily nutrition plan. I have one as a snack between breakfast and lunch and find them satisfying, delicious, and nutritious.

Posted by Nancy Lux, May 9th, 2022

Super Yummy

I was so excited to see that Beverly came out with a protein bar! They are super yummy and easy to grab if you need something on the go!!! I completely trust the Beverly brand to have only good ingredients in them, so I had no hesitation in purchasing these bars. I started with two boxes, but I see more in my future!

Posted by Karen Twyford, Apr 25th, 2022

By Far the Best Tasting Protein Bar Out There

By far the best-tasting protein bar out there, great profile and hugely satisfying, no phony taste - just lots of flavor.

Reviewed by: Gretchen Gondek