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Custom-designed for the fitness lifestyle.

Like Super Pak, FitTabs is custom-made for Beverly. It is especially popular with active women who like the fact that it contains a probiotic and an easily absorbed form of iron known as iron peptonate that isn't commonly found in multi-vitamin/mineral supplements. Regular users of FitTabs report improvements in their overall energy and physical performance, as well as the quality of their hair, nails, and skin.

Size: 120 tablets (30 servings)

  • Performance
  • Wellness

Why people like it
  • Unique formula: FitTabs is made exclusively for Beverly. It contains 25 essential vitamins and minerals, including iron peptonate, plus plus liver concentrate, RNA, a probiotic, and other nourishing ingredients not commonly found in multi-vitamin/mineral supplements., and other nourishing ingredients not commonly found in multi-vitamin/mineral supplements. Iron peptonate is a pre-digested, readily absorbed form of iron that does not produce the side effects (e.g. constipation, cramping) associated with some forms of iron.
  • You can feel the difference: We hear it all the time. A client decides to take a multi-vitamin/mineral supplement because they think it will make a difference in how they feel. A couple of months pass, and they haven't noticed a thing. No change in energy, no difference in recovery nothing. Not with FitTabs. Take it for two months, and you will notice a difference in how fit you feel. We guarantee it.

How do I choose between FitTabs and Super Pak?
  • If you are an advanced athlete who frequently performs long, exhaustive workouts, choose Super Pak. Otherwise, choose FitTabs.

Secrets to Success
  • Take 2 tablets in the morning and 2 with your evening meal.

Ironclad Guarantee: FitTabs is another way you can simplify your regime and get all the daily vitamins and minerals you need to get you through your demanding day. If, for any reason or no reason, you are not completely satisfied with FitTabs, just let us know and we'll take care of it. Really, it's that simple.

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Jo Ann Broquie says: "All of the Beverly International products that I have tried have been amazing. I love FitTabs and see noticeable changes in nail growth, skin condition, and weight loss. I will continue to use this vitamin and many other products by BI."

Davin333 says: "10/10. Before switching over to FitTabs, I never saw a difference from taking multivitamins. I had reasoned that vitamins sped up my recovery but only to a small degree, nothing noticeable. After discussing my feelings on multis with a friend, he suggested I try FitTabs. The difference is astounding. I have a lot more energy throughout the day, I am more cognitive as well. My recovery times are quicker and believe it or not, I seem to have slowly pulled through a couple plateaus. This product has become an invaluable part of my supplement protocol."

Naturalbajan says: "I have problems digesting multi-vitamins but FitTabs eliminates them. For me it works perfectly."
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Gold standard

I used to take these years ago and used different types of MVs for various reasons....but recently went back to FitTabs, and these are by far the best! I notice an immediate difference in energy and metabolism. Makes me wonder why I ever strayed....if you want a multivitamin you can feel, these are it!
Posted by Amanda, Aug 23rd 2019

Amazing vitamin

So...I got the spring cold everyone is sick with, but instead of it hanging on for weeks, it only lasted for 5 days. Better than airborne.
Posted by Heather Parker, Mar 22nd 2019

Fit Tabs

Great multi- vitamin that doesn't bother my stomach.
Posted by Suzanne, Feb 24th 2019


Great multi-vitamin that has the ingredients my body needs!
Posted by Marla Hudson, Feb 4th 2019

Fit tabs

Great multivitamin that does not hurt a sensitive stomach.
Posted by Shanna, Jan 6th 2019

The Only Vitamin I Trust

As an every-day (non-competitive) 50-something female lifter, one of these with breakfast and another before bed at night are perfect for me. Fittabs are the only brand of multi that I truly trust to be effective. Great product!
Posted by Nancy Anne, Sep 21st 2018


My wife and son take these every day and while I'm not a doctor (don't play one on TV either), I can say that when the Flu outbreak happened at the Middle School and High School, my son didn't miss a day.
Posted by Terry Terrell, Mar 30th 2018