The COVID Cave

During this strange COVID-19 time, we’ve all been challenged and have had to make changes to our daily and work lives. I noticed one of our clients, Hondre McNeil, posts on Instagram. He had formally trained his clients in his well-equipped home gym in the basement of his house, but needed a safer environment in which to train his clients. So, he converted his garage into what he calls the COVID CAVE!
I had to call Dre and get the full story.

How I moved my gym by Dre McNeil
At the beginning of COVID-19, I had to make some crucial decisions. My personal training studio was in my basement. To be honest, my wife was more concerned than I was as far as having my clients coming into my home and into the basement training center.
But, after much thought, I thought she was probably right concerning the safety of my clients and our family. I knew if I moved some of the equipment to my garage, we could work out with the garage doors open for ventilation. Also, since I do strictly personal training, wearing a mask while training would be no problem. I picked “foundation items” to move to the garage. One was my rower. It was easier to move and more beneficial than the treadmill so I left my treadmill in the basement. I moved half of my dumbbells, my squat rack, and my Olympic bars. I also brought my suspension bands outside. Being that I had to anchor these suspension bands on something, I chose my power rack. I just anchored my rack down with a “Slater Strongman” cement ball. (Ed Note: Steve Slater has been a Beverly client since 1991 and is now one of the main guys at Rogue Fitness.) Some other items I brought outside were resistance bands, my Pro Jumper platform for athletes wanting to improve their vertical, my trap bar, Bosu ball, core balls, weight benches, and speed and agility items such as my speed ladder and cones. Luckily, I already had bumper plates outside so I didn’t have to move those.

Client responses to the move
My clients were happy about the move. Some were actually relieved. With this scare of COVID-19, one can’t be too safe. My business didn’t suffer any. Grace to God, it actually increased. My virtual training also increased as more and more people are doing workouts at home. For my virtual clients, they tell me what equipment they have access to, if anything. I then write a fitness plan for them including exercise descriptions and videos. If they don’t have any equipment, I send a full body resistance workout plan. Nutrition plans are also included when needed and there are also regular accountability checks from me to help keep them on track.

It’s all about the battle!
Fitness has always been a major part of my life. The focus has never been on the look though. It has always been about pushing my limits and fighting through a workout. A phrase I love to scream out at my gym, is "Bout That Battle!” That's the shortened phrase of the full sentence, "It's all about the battle.” In other words it doesn't matter what the next person is doing in the gym. It doesn't matter what personal record numbers you saw someone post on online. It doesn't matter how great someone else looks. The only thing that matters is your workout in that moment. The only thing that matters is you pushing through when you can easily quit. That's the mentality, and, God willingly, that's going to continue to be the mentality. I believe this mentality transitions out of the gym into the real world. 

Dre’s top selling Beverly products: 
Mass Maker Ultra is his go-to products for clients who are trying to gain muscle for sports, etc. Others love UMP both for the taste and it is great for newbies on a diet. It tastes like a treat and helps them slim down at the same time.