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Once you try it you won't want to be without it!

UMP is our "gateway" protein supplement. Once people try it, they're hooked. It's unique, naturally balanced blend of ultra-premium milk proteins stays with your muscles, and satisfies your appetite, for hours. This makes it appealing for a variety of applications and times of use -breakfast, post-workout, meal replacement, nighttime snack, etc.

Size: 2lb 0.8oz (About 30 servings)
  • Recovery
  • Muscle Building & Preservation
  • Fat Loss: Fat loss is a secondary benefit of supplementing your diet with high-quality protein. Here's how it works:
    1. Protein promotes meal satiety, reducing your tendency to overeat.
    2. Protein promotes thermogenesis, a natural process by which your body burns off calories in the form of heat. Increased thermogenesis is protective against fat gain.

Why people like it
  • Rich, satisfying flavors, and creamy mouthfeel make it a treat to eat.
  • Stomach-Friendly: Easy to digest. No gas or bloating.
  • Hours of muscle building support: Clients report that UMP stays with their muscles, and satisfies their appetite, for longer than other protein powders. We attribute this to its naturally balanced blend of proteins discussed below.
  • Unique formula. 90% of the protein in UMP comes from milk protein isolate obtained from fresh skim milk. It contains the same 80:20 ratio of sustained release casein and fast-acting whey found naturally in milk.
  • Low in carbs and sugar.

How do I choose between UMP and other Beverly proteins?
Choose UMP if:
  • You want a protein supplement that can be used any time of day, or meal replacement, or
  • this is your first time using a protein supplement.

Small changes, big results!
  • New to supplements? The simplest place to start is with a Beverly protein. Incorporating one of our delicious protein powders into your daily diet and exercise routine is a small change. Yet it can help you build, tone, and shape your body in a big way.

Secrets to Success
  • As a rule of thumb, take roughly 1 scoop for every 50 lb of body weight, daily. Example: Let's say you weigh 180 lb. Divide 180 by 50, and you get 3.6. Round this up to 4 scoops daily.
  • The best times to take UMP are mid-morning, mid-afternoon, and before bed.
  • At least 1 scoop should be taken immediately after working out. (Most men seeking to increase muscle size take 2 scoops post-workout.)
  • When traveling: Take 1-2 scoops of UMP in a Ziploc bag or shaker bottle. When it's time for a shake, just add water!

Think outside the shake!
At Beverly, protein shakes are just the beginning. Our proteins can be used to make delicious, guilt-free brownies, pudding, pancakes, cookies, muffins, and more. They can be easily mixed with water, your favorite milk (dairy, almond, coconut, soy, cashew, etc.), juice, greens drinks, and smoothies, or used as a yummy topping on hot or cold cereal.
Try our popular recipes at www.BevNut.com/recipes.

Ironclad Guarantee: "Test Drive" Ultimate Muscle Protein. See if it is everything we say it is. If you aren't completely satisfied within 60 days, we'll simply refuse to keep your payment! That's right. If you aren't head-over-heels delighted, we want you to ask for your money back. Try it today!



5 out of 5 (based on 1112 ratings) Leave a Review
  • RevieW

    This is the best tasting protein! I make a PROTEIN pudding and pancAkes

    Posted by Francesca Liberti on May 23rd 2024

  • Good taste

    i like the taste and CONSISTENCY of this powder. I mix it with berries, peas, collagen and colostrum to get maximum hemth benefits. The ricw is competitive.

    Posted by Ivana on May 18th 2024

  • Best ever

    I've been buying it for a few years and will never change it?

    Posted by Veronica on May 18th 2024

  • Ump strawberry

    This by far and I mean Far has a better taste and results than anything ive gotten at any of the supplement shops. Ive got my Family on this stuff including my Mom.

    Posted by Joshua on May 17th 2024

  • taste yummy filling easy to mix

    hooked on the angel food cake, just wish they would change the sweetener

    Posted by jenn on May 17th 2024

  • One of the Best Proteins on the market

    I have been a user of Beverly for a long time through my football career and even after. I've tried a variety of other proteins on the market and can confidently say Beverly's protein mixes are unmatched in flavor, consistency, mixability and quality.

    Posted by Tristen H. on May 17th 2024

  • Ultimate Muscle protein

    UMP is my go to protein powder, it's the only powder I buy. The taste, mixability and nutritional profile are excellent. I most commonly consume UMP in Fairlife milk , Greek yogurt and cereals.

    Posted by Richard Vanskiver on May 16th 2024

  • A very good protien with all the essential aminos

    I have probably purchased and used a dozen or so containers of UMP over the past few years. It is a fine protein . Only reason for 4 stars is that it does not seem to mix as well as it used to. I am not one to mess with a blender ,i prefer to put a scoop in a tall glass of milk and stir it up with a spoon. It takes a while to fully dissolve. I also tried a good quality shaker bottle and it still struggled to dissolve very well. The chocolate was always my favorite,but I do like the angel cake flavor as well. Though I like UMP i will likely switch over to Muscle provider mainly because it mixes almost instantly. Of course if you use a blender thiere are no issues. Personally i have tried mixing UMP with water and i am no fan, i much prefer using milk to mix ump with as IMO it just taste better mixed in milk. I normally use 1 scoop mixed with milk about 1 hr after my 3 time per week workouts, so a container of UMP lasts me just over 2 months. If i used it every day or twice a day the cost would be too much for me. I realize that the cost of raw materials has went up considerably wit inflation, so I hope that the price can stay stable on this product for the consumers.It does cost more than many other brands,but the quality and taste far exceeds other brands that cut their product with cheap fillers, with protien you get what yo pay for . Like I say this is a fine product, but it will mix better with a blender, it does not mix well with a spoon as Muscle Provider does.

    Posted by bjd on May 12th 2024

  • delicious

    Really good love the flavor and the best part no bloating, super easy to digest for people with bad digestion highly recommended and the customer service very nice.

    Posted by Doug on May 9th 2024