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A high-speed whey unlike any other.

Muscle Provider is the pinnacle of no-nonsense whey protein supplements. Its exceptionally high level of WPH allows it to produce lighter, non-filling shakes that feed your tired muscles lightning fast without leaving you too full to eat later.

Size: 1lb 14.7oz (About 30 servings)
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  • Muscle Building & Preservation
  • Recovery
  • Fat Loss

Why people like it
  • Ideal for use pre-contest, pre- and/or post-workout, and as a non-filling snack to carry you between meals.
  • Tastes like fresh cupcake batter.
  • Exceptionally high in whey protein hydrolysate (WPH) and isolate (WPI). WPH is cross-flow filtered and enzymatically hydrolyzed to produce a mixture of peptides and free form amino acids that is ready for rapid uptake.

How do I choose between Muscle Provider and other Beverly proteins?
Choose Muscle Provider if you mainly want to use it:
  • immediately pre- and/or post-workout,
  • pre-contest, or
  • as a non-filling snack between regular meals.

Secrets to Success
  • To promote muscle recovery and building, at least one serving should be taken immediately after your workout. For maximum results, enjoy another serving 4-5 hours later.

Ironclad Guarantee: With two terrific flavors to choose from, (vanilla and chocolate) and backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you just can't lose with Muscle Provider. Order today and join the ranks of other champions who've made Muscle Provider their protein of choice! Muscle Provider is backed by our 60-Day, Zero-Risk, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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Chocolate Muscle Provider

Great chocolaty taste, even when mixed with water.
Posted by Ernie, Jun 28th 2019

Muscle provider

This product helped get my cousin in the healthy wagon!!! So delicious
Posted by Lisa, Jun 15th 2019

Muscle Provider is great

Muscle Provider is a wonderful product. I tried lots of protein powders in the past but this product helped me to recover and grow. The chocolate flavor taste great. I have my son drinking the shake after our workouts. He has never had a protein shake before until now.
Posted by Joseph Price, Apr 15th 2019

Muscle Provider - Vanilla & Chocolate Taste Great!

Muscle Provider is also a staple in helping me get my protein requirements. I mainly take it right after a weight training workout. It mixes easily and tastes great with water. Both flavors, vanilla and chocolate, taste amazing! Great product!
Posted by Homer Alafa, Jr., Apr 8th 2019

Muscle Provider is the Best

Muscle Provider has been my main protein for well over 10 years! I love the flavor - my favorite is vanilla but all are great. The powder mixes great with a few shakes and doesn't change the texture of the liquid - you don't know it's there except for the great flavor. I even add it to hot oatmeal and overnight oats. Thanks Beverly!
Posted by Kramer, Mar 2nd 2019

Muscle Provider

The best protein shake out there. I love the chocolate! I drink it immediately following my workouts.
Posted by Marla Hudson, Feb 4th 2019

Muscle Provider

Great taste and mixes smooth - NO CLUMPING! The only protein I have found that does not make me feel bloated.
Posted by Sonia Cochenour, Oct 29th 2018

Muscle Provider

Great taste. Easy to mix, shake it up and go. By far the best protein out there. High quality nutrients on the go. Great for post workout.
Posted by Bill Mora, Sep 14th 2018

Excellent Product- Chocolate

This is a high quality product. We order it over and over. Definitely prefer chocolate over the others. The chocolate tastes great. The others are decent and don't taste like chemicals.
Posted by Brianna W, Sep 7th 2018