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A high-speed whey unlike any other.

Muscle Provider is the pinnacle of no-nonsense whey protein supplements. Its exceptionally high level of WPH allows it to produce lighter, non-filling shakes that feed your tired muscles lightning fast without leaving you too full to eat later.

Size: 1lb 14.7oz (About 30 servings)
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  • Muscle Building & Preservation
  • Recovery
  • Fat Loss

Why people like it
  • Ideal for use pre-contest, pre- and/or post-workout, and as a non-filling snack to carry you between meals.
  • Tastes like fresh cupcake batter.
  • Exceptionally high in whey protein hydrolysate (WPH) and isolate (WPI). WPH is cross-flow filtered and enzymatically hydrolyzed to produce a mixture of peptides and free form amino acids that is ready for rapid uptake.

How do I choose between Muscle Provider and other Beverly proteins?
Choose Muscle Provider if you mainly want to use it:
  • immediately pre- and/or post-workout,
  • pre-contest, or
  • as a non-filling snack between regular meals.

Secrets to Success
  • To promote muscle recovery and building, at least one serving should be taken immediately after your workout. For maximum results, enjoy another serving 4-5 hours later.

Ironclad Guarantee: With two terrific flavors to choose from, (vanilla and chocolate) and backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you just can't lose with Muscle Provider. Order today and join the ranks of other champions who've made Muscle Provider their protein of choice! Muscle Provider is backed by our 60-Day, Zero-Risk, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.



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Still produces results over 45 yrs old

Using MP alone after workouts has made a difference in recovery and reduction of soreness. A great combo of BI's proteins before sleep (about 1-2 hrs. pre sleep) is a scoop of MP and UMP, you can mix flavors to get a taste you like. Fantastic for recovery, maintaining strength, and muscle for anyone in the "Over 45 yrs. old club".
Posted by Michael, Sep 16th 2021

Muscle Provider has always been my favorite

I've used Beverly products since 1999 and have found that they've always produced high quality supplements that have worked great for me depending on my needs at the time. I don't compete anymore, but still train and continue to use Beverly products including Muscle Provider to supplement my diet daily. I've tried several protein powders over the years, and have always come back to Beverly. The taste is great and it mixes well, but additionally, Muscle Provider does not upset my stomach like other proteins and I can enjoy adding it into recipes that I need or want additional protein in with no issues and the flavors are delicious.
Posted by Margie, Aug 23rd 2021

Muscle Provider

I had been using UMP for a long time. I always chose chocolate after some flavor experimenting. Curiosity recently led me to MP. I love it! Better flavor, easier to mix. I ALWAYS follow my workouts regardless of the type: HIIT, cardio, resistance, free weights, TaiChi, Qi Kong... On special occasions I will use it both before and after an exercise session. Because of the taste and consistency I find that I am much more diligent with MP vs UMP. It is filling and helps to reduse my "sweet tooth craving."
Posted by jerry, Aug 7th 2021

Muscle Provider

I have been using Muscle Provider and Glutamine Select product for quite a few years. Both have been beneficial for my work outs and distance running. I find their taste to be good and obviously the benefits are noted as well. I only get the vanilla Muscle provider as I find this works for my variety of smoothies that I make. Most often Ill use water over Milk. Milk makes just a bit too sweet for my liking.
Posted by Jack Beaupied, Jul 5th 2021

Muscle Provider

Amazing superior protein! The perfect post workout protein. It’s a very fast digesting hydrolysed protein with no bloat or discomfort. Plus, the taste is really good too!
Posted by Ashley, Jun 28th 2021

Muscle Provider

Muscle Provider is my all-time favorite protein. I love the smooth taste, the way it doesn't bother my stomach and most importantly the results! It is the most important ingredient for my lean muscle building goals.
Posted by Darryl Jackson, Jun 26th 2021

MP Review

I just switched from chocolate Muscle Provider to vanilla. I was pleasantly surprised that there was no after taste that I experienced years ago. I will now sick to the vanilla flavor!
Posted by Ronald J Corte, Jun 3rd 2021

Muscle provider

Have been using this for years. Great whey protein. Usually have. vanilla. It has helped with my post work out source for protein, and for late night craving for bad food choices.
Posted by Jack, Apr 30th 2021

Muscle Provider

Tastes great good blend of peptides and not all hydrolysates so no bitterness. I think better bioavailability of protein over UMP. Love it,
Posted by Natalie Savich, Feb 6th 2021