“Beach body” or “Shape up”: These “For Women Only” stacks will help you do it faster!

Ladies, stack your way to a brand new body!

If you’re new to training, the first thing you may be wondering is “When will I see results?”

Whether it’s the promising outline of a six-pack, a biceps you can proudly flex, or a few inches off your hips, results are chiefly a function of diet and training. If either one is off point, results will take longer to appear.

So where do supplements fit in? Beverly products contain high-quality ingredients which, when taken in the proper dosage, will help you stay “on point” and see results faster than would be the case with diet and training alone. For maximum results, supplements should be combined. This is known as “stacking”.

Below, we reveal two beginner-level Beverly stacks that are tailor-made for women. Use them to achieve your new body faster than ever!

Women’s “Beach Body” and “Shape Up” Stacks

Understanding the stacks:

  • Beside each product listed below is a numeral, and, in parentheses, an indication of which stack the product is to be included in.
  • Products identified by the numeral “1” comprise the foundation of your stack. They are must-haves.
  • Depending on your budget and how serious you are about getting results, you can add supplements from level 2, 3, and 4 to your stack.

1 -- Ultimate Muscle Protein (Beach Body and Shape Up):

Whether you want a beach body or to shape up, you need to consume adequate amounts of high-quality protein on a daily basis without overdoing it on carbs or total calories. This will allow you to slim down without losing muscle tone. Used as a protein supplement, Ultimate Muscle Protein (UMP) makes it easier.

UMP contains 20 g of high-quality protein. Despite its decadently delicious taste, it has only 120 Calories and 0 or 1 g of sugar per serving, depending on the flavor. UMP supplies almost one third of your daily requirement for calcium.

UMP contains proteins that release amino acids into your body relatively more slowly. Some users report that it provides a greater sensation of satiety (fullness) than other brands of protein. Combined, these qualities make UMP great for use as a meal alternative in the morning, afternoon, or before bed.

1 -- Muscle Provider (Beach Body):

Like UMP, Muscle Provider is a high-quality protein supplement. Its key distinguishing feature is that it has a higher content of proteins that release amino acids into your body relatively more quickly. This makes Muscle Provider great for use right after working out.

Many women use Muscle Provider as their post-workout protein and reserve UMP for use as a meal alternative in the morning, afternoon and/or evening.

If, for budgetary reasons, you decide to choose only one protein, don’t sweat it. You can’t go wrong choosing UMP or Muscle Provider. Either one can be used post-workout and as a meal alternative. It largely comes down to your taste preferences. When considering your budget, also keep in mind that by using UMP and Muscle Provider at the same time, each product will last roughly twice as long.

Muscle Provider vanilla is delicious on top of hot or cold cereals such as oatmeal or shredded wheat!

1 – FitTabs (Beach Body and Shape Up):

  • FitTabs is a multi-vitamin/mineral supplement that is made exclusively for Beverly. You won’t find this formula anywhere else.
  • FitTabs contains all essential vitamins and minerals, plus nutrient-rich food concentrates and a pre-digested form of iron that is easy to absorb. Iron is missing from some multi-vitamin/mineral supplements sold by other sports nutrition brands.

1 – EFA Gold (Beach Body and Shape Up):

Essential fatty acids (EFAs) must be included in the diet because your body can’t make them in sufficient levels to support normal health.

EFA Gold is a synergistic combination of EFAs that is ideal for anyone who trains regularly, especially those who are dieting to lose weight.

The EFAs in EFA Gold come from organic flaxseed, fish and borage oils. Importantly, the fish oil in EFA Gold is purified and mercury-free.

Women and men who use EFA Gold report a wide range of benefits that go beyond the gym, including improved skin and hair appearance.

2 -- Lean Out (Beach Body and Shape Up)

Lean Out is a stimulant-free formula that is specifically designed to help your metabolism convert the sugar and fat in your meals into usable energy. It is especially helpful when dieting.

Women frequently report that Lean Out helps them control the urge to overeat.

2 – 7-Keto MuscLean (Beach Body):

7-Keto MuscLean contains 7-Keto®, an ingredient shown in clinical studies to reduce weight 200% faster than diet and exercise alone.

7-Keto MuscLean is particularly useful when following a calorie-restricted diet. It gives you a nice boost of energy and prevents your metabolic rate from falling, a common problem caused by low-calorie diets. This reduces your risk of experiencing a weight-loss “plateau”.

3 – Glutamine Select (Beach Body and Shape Up):

Glutamine Select contains clinically based doses of glutamine and branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs). These amino acids are very important for the recovery and maintenance of lean muscle.

The most frequently reported benefits reported by users of Glutamine Select are speedier recovery from workouts and reduced muscle soreness.

Many women drink Glutamine Select during workouts to stay hydrated and enhance recovery. It can also be sipped on in between meals.

CrossFit and similar forms of exercise often produce muscle soreness and challenge your ability to recover. Glutamine Select is particularly helpful under these circumstances.

3 – Muscularity (Beach Body and Shape Up):

  • Muscularity contains BCAAs, B vitamins, chromium and zinc.
  • When you’re dieting to achieve your beach body, take Muscularity to help preserve lean muscle as you melt away the body fat. The vitamins and minerals in Muscularity, especially chromium, will also support blood sugar and appetite regulation.

4 – Energy Reserve (Beach Body)

Energy Reserve is a carnitine supplement.

Carnitine is a naturally occurring substance that is at the heart of fat burning. It helps carry fat into the mitochondria of your cells, where it can be burned to provide energy.

Carnitine also has anti-aging benefits.

Energy Reserve is popular with personal trainers and their female clients who use it to amplify the fat-reducing effects of cardio.

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